How to have a date night… and not miss bedtime!

Prior to becoming a mother I was one of those people who thought “Sure! Anyone can watch my child, what do I care!” For many years I had cared for other children, so I thought others would keep a watchful eye on MY children like I do for them. Well, wasn’t I pleasantly surprised to realize: wow, I’m not that mom. I wouldn’t call myself a “helicopter mom” but with all the exposure to negative news it’s certainly hard to trust anyone with my two little humans.

We live out of town. Most of my side of the family lives on the west coast, or a minimum of 1.5 hours way. My husband’s side of family is 2.5 hours away, west coast or enjoying their retirement in the sunny south (really, how dare they enjoy their retirement, right?). We do trust a handful of friends to watch our little

Visit Chef Karl's Facebook page!

Visit Chef Karl’s Facebook page!

ones, but they too have lives and we can’t consume them every weekend for our own selfishness. Not to mention I avoid missing bedtimes. I LOVE having happy well rested children, and mine are the type who, if put to bed late, wake up early…. very early! Nobody in this house appreciates a 5am wake-up!

With all that being said, my husband’s birthday was coming up and I had no one to watch our two little guys so we could go enjoy a birthday dinner. As I said, I don’t like missing bedtime; what like even less is taking two over-tired babies to a restaurant – not fun for me OR them (or anyone else in the restaurant). The very thought of getting ready, doing my hair and make-up is usually gone by ummm 10am. Hah.

Could I have cooked? Yes, but did I want to? No. I cook every night (mostly) and wanted to enjoy a cooked meal for me and I certainly didn’t want my husband to cook his own birthday dinner! So, what is one to do? You hire a chef and have them come to your home and cook a meal, then clean all the dishes afterwards! I reached out to Karl from Food at Ease. Karl was very prompt in replying to me and asking all the questions of dislikes and likes. He took all my information and sent me his proposed 3 course meal;

App:  3 squash soup
Main:  Almond crusted lamb over garlic mashed potatoes and seasonal veggies
Dessert:  Chocolate lava cake.

The night came and we put both boys to bed (on time!) poured ourselves a strong drink (cause neither of us had to drive!) and sat on our couch to relax. We talked with the hockey game in the back ground. We weren’t distracted by others in the restaurant. It was quiet. It was perfect.

Karl brought everything to make this amazing meal. He was very professional. Now, I have a picky eating husband. We both had never tried lamb so I was completely going out on a limb and said yes to the lamb – worst case, he leaves and we could make some KD. Let me tell you, the WHOLE meal was INCREDIBLE. The soup was smooth and rich tasting. The lamb melted in our mouths and I would order it again without a doubt and the lava cake was the perfect dessert.

At the end of dinner Karl cleaned up everything. He cleared the table, and started washing the dishes. We quickly told him they could go into the dish washer and being as professional as he was he offered to continue washing them but finally he listened to me and put them into the dishwasher. The kitchen was clean. Our bellies were full. Our boys were in bed sleeping and we BOTH got to have a few drinks, enjoy this amazing meal in the comfort of our own home.

Would I hire Karl again? YES! We even said it would be an amazing night in with a group of friends or just the two of us again. I highly recommend reaching out to Karl from Food at Ease without a doubt. Thanks so much Karl, we’ll be sure to see you again soon!

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